“Together we are committed to providing an excellent service based on the strategic vision of the environment, as well as ethics and integrity management”


We are a recognized company by the long and prestigious international career of its founding team in the healthcare sector, especially in the medical devices, healthcare technologies, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, designing and implementing strategies for identifying and capturing distributors, manufacturers and investment partners to introduce in the marketplace both, advanced and innovative products worldwide.

To achieve this, we count with the right team, bringing together talent, industry knowledge and operational experience. We are committed one hundred percent to address both, effectively and executively, the business needs of our customers. 


Carlos M. Casado

Managing Partner / CEO

Leads our organization with his usual enthusiasm and resolution skills. He brings his extensive international career developing senior and executive management positions, with an invaluable asset such his network of contacts is. He has worked in companies such Baxter, Schering-Plough (MSD) or Energizer among others, contributing to the success of organizations with extensive knowledge of the markets and his recognized expertise in the sector.

Pedro Llobell

Managing Partner / CFO

It is his wide, economic, legal and financial multisectoral knowledge based in their analytical nature, that give the strength to our organization also, the financial sustainability and allows us with future strategic development. He has held management positions of high responsibility in sectors such as cosmetics, perfumes, beauty products as well as financial tax consulting and management of family-offices, providing an important active investor network of contacts.