Transactional Operations


Transactional Operations

Not only Society evolves. Companies constantly need to innovate their areas of growth and adapt themselves to the operating environment. Healthvisors helps you to improve, optimize, accelerate and redesign your financial operations giving you a first level guide to successfully achieve results for your business interests.

To be succeed, this kind of transactions between companies usually requires that the process be carried on with discretion.

Discretion is part of our culture.

Healthvisors develops all its projects following the usual practices in such operations to guarantee the discretion of the process and the correct use of the information exchanged between the parties. We are committed to a strict confidentiality agreement of each of the parties involved in the transaction at any time. We apply the most demanding privacy and confidentiality criteria.

Healthvisors offers the following services:


  • Distributorship setting-up
  • Partnership agreements
  • Internationalization
  • Business Development
  • Joint-Ventures
  • Licensing in / out
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Business & Products evaluation
  • Start-up developments
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Divestitures

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