Advanced and Innovative products


Advanced and Innovative products

We always act under the principle of identifying internationally advanced products that demonstrate not only their evidence and evolution in clinical practice, but also have a cost-effectiveness relationship that promote their quick acceptance and introduction into the marketplaces and healthcare systems, contributing with them in the optimization of resources for healthcare centers and providers.


Hemostatic Active Patch

Get immediate hemostasis



  • Produces hemostasis in 5 minutes without prolonged compression.
  • It is used in external wounds for immediate hemostasis of severe and intense arterial or venous bleeding.
  • Prevents secondary bleeding and enables faster mobilization of the patient.






Innovative medical wound care devices

patented nanotechnology solution utilizing silver.


  • StopBac® is a product line of sterile surgical wound dressings intended for use in hospitals, medical institutions, outpatient care and retail pharmacies.
  • The StopBac® product range is based on an innovative unique patented sol-gel antimicrobial solution using silver cations.






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