Innovative Products

Real health-solutions

Innovative Products

Real health-solutions

Advanced Medical Devices

SEULA – Searle EU and Latam is Healthvisors’ business unit in charge of commercialization and recognized by the long and prestigious international career of its founding team in the healthcare sector, particularly in the medical devices, healthcare technologies, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, designing and implementing strategies of setting-up distributors, manufacturers and investment partners to bring advanced and innovative products and solutions to the market worldwide.

In this way, we act both as Authorized Agents in the European Union for manufacturers of countries from different continents and non-members of the EEC and being licensees or exclusive distributors for manufacturers within the European Economic Community, under European Medical Device Directive MDD 93/42 EEC.

Business Philosophy


We contribute to the healthcare system and its protected population, Patients, to guarantee the quality of care, providing innovative advanced products with a relevant meaning in the treatment and cure of various diseases and pathologies.


Through healthcare systems, from care to their management, we provide the latest advances and innovations in medical devices that contribute both, primarily to the best possible choice in the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment for patients and secondly, the balance between the cost of innovation and the assurance of the quality assistance of different healthcare organizations in their countries.



We base our management philosophy on a number of core values in our reason for being.


Advanced Medical Devices and innovative healthcare technologies.



Identifying healthcare cutting-edge technologies for you.



We use our network of distributors for an effective commercialization of products worldwide.